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World's Best Salad Co.

Fayetteville, AR
OUR STORY We use entirely plant-based ingredients to make our products, which means we make salads. And they're damn good salads. In fact, we fully believe these are the best salads in the world and way better than any salad you've ever had. Have you ever described a salad as decadent? We didn't think so. Crave-worthy? Maybe, but probably not. OUT-OF-THIS WORLD, MIND-BLOWINGLY INCREDIBLE? Unlikely. Our salad's are so good, you won't believe they're salads. Gone are the days of boring, sad salads. We're starting a salad revolution, and boy is it sweet! HEALTH STUFF As a salad company, we care about the freshness and quality of our ingredients tremendously. Our products are made with whole grains; lower sugar than conventional products; organic ingredients; and are free from additives, preservatives, or any other weird, unpronounceable ingredients. They're also designed with crushability in mind, because who wants to eat just half? So grab a fork, and dig in, you health nut!
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