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Calamus Cleansing Candle

Sustainably sourced beeswax, coconut oil, and cacao butter candle infused with sandalwood, rose, calamus, and a hint of vanilla bean create the perfect ceremonial cleansing candle. Set new intentions, clear your space of negative energy, and charge your energetic field with this hand-poured candle. We use amber glass jars and hemp wicks to keep them sustainable as well as beautiful.
Conscious Coco Old
Fayetteville, AR
IT ALL STARTED WITH THE CHOCOLATE… … as all good stories should! Shayla began Conscious Coco as a small truffle company in 2016. As word got around town, the small handmade chocolate treats developed a cult following and ended up in local groceries, on local menus, and in the mouths of people who love real food. Now she has expanded to provide a full seasonal plant-based menu. Our mission is to connect every human who visits us with the pleasure of eating food that is intentionally created and prepared to serve their overall well being. We believe that eating beautiful nourishing foods is an act of self care, loving yourself is a revolutionary act, and spreading that love to others will change the world.