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Ozark Trails

100% hand poured, soy wax candle.

Inspired by the countless paths in NWA, Ozark Trails exudes mystery and adventure. This is one of Mark's favorite candle and one that you want to light all day and all night.

Approximate burn time = 90 hours.
The Little Candle of NWA
Rogers, AR
After moving from Los Angeles to Bentonville, owners Mark and Vania Greco started The Little Candle of NWA as a way to connect with their new community in NWA. Their shop features a collection of 100% soy candles with unique scents like Black Chamomile, White Currant, and Coffee Caramel. They also rotate in seasonal scents such as Toasted Pumpkin Spice. Cozy up with a candle for the season!