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.5 Yard Compost - Commercial

We are a viable alternative to petroleum/chemical-based fertilizers; our fertilizer mixes enhance the quality of the soil and feed plants and lawns with all the nutrients they need.
Our solid compost is excellent because it:
* Builds and enriches the soil
* Helps retain moisture
* Reduces the need for petro-based chemical fertilizers
* Microbially rich and helps your plants get the most out of their surrounding nutrients

We also facilitate zero-waste events. Follow this link to reach out and learn more:
Food Loops
Rogers, AR
1. We are closing the food loop by recycling food waste. We reduce the amount of food that enters the landfill and produce sustainable fertilizers for local growers and residents. 2. We are reducing our waste footprint in NWA by selling compostable products to local restaurants, events, and businesses. 3. We are making zero-waste events easy. We bring our simple Waste Station System and solutions to any event to make it waste-free. 4. We offer zero waste solutions for offices. Participating in our food waste recycling program unlocks an entire suite of recycling options offered by Food Loops.