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Triple Milk-N-Honey Wash

HeartMade Milk Body Wash is formulated with goat's milk, raw honey, castile soap and almond oil. Your skin will feel refreshed, ultra hydrated, silky soft and smell wonderful.

Your skin is going to absolutely love this liquid body wash. It makes wonderful, creamy, moisturizing suds and feels so silky smooth on your skin. Plus you have all the added benefits of Goat Milk for intense skin care. Our liquid body wash is thicker and creamier and is good for all skin types, even the baby of the family, it has great lather quality especially when used with a body sponge or shower pouf.

This creamy body wash gently washes away dead skin cells and leaves your skin, brighter and very well moisturized with a wonderfully soft, silky glow. This body wash will help the skin retain moisture and elasticity without drying it out.

We do not use any dyes, so you’ll enjoy this wonderful body wash with its creamy, opalescent, milky sheen. Our body wash is offered in unscented and is Sulfate, Paraben and Detergent Free.Our Milk Body Wash comes in a 2.5 oz easily squeezable plastic bottle with dispensing cap.

Made with the love of: Castile Soap, Goat Milk, Almond Oil, Raw Honey.
HeartMade Skincare
Baton Rouge, LA
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