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Sample Cookie Box

Cadbury Cookie: Cadbury eggs, white chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips folded in a vanilla bean dough!
Soft Sugar Cookie: A soft chewy sugar cookie with a vanilla buttercream!
Muddy Buddy Cookie: A brown sugar peanut butter cookie and peanut butter chips with a milk chocolate ganache topped with homemade Muddy Buddies.
Monster Cookie: A white sugar cookie dough filled with milk chocolate pretzel, mini m&ms, butterfinger pieces, mini chocolate chip, peanut butter chips, and butterstoch chips.
Key Lime Mac Nut Cookie: A brown sugar cookie filled with roasted macadamia nuts, white chocolate chips and key lime zest topped with a key lime buttercream.
Kit Kat Cookie: A vanilla bean brown sugar dough filled with Kit Kat pieces and milk chocolate chips.
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Bentonville, AR