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Door Hook - 99.9% Pure Copper Antimicrobial Door Opener Keychain

This new design uses a solid copper rod - bent, stamped, and drilled to be your next keychain addition. We hope this helps you safely interact with public spaces when it is necessary.

• Solid copper - 99.9% pure
Keychain Compatible - comes with a standard keyring
• Open doors - use the hook to grab door handles to pull them open. Won't work for round door handles.
• Keypad entry - great for keypads at the gas pump, elevators, payment terminals, etc
• Antimicrobial - copper is oligodynamic, meaning it has natual antimicrobial properties. HOWEVER, this is NOT a replacement for proper sanitary procedures like handwashing and disinfecting. Please follow CDC guidelines to protect yourself and others.
Shire Post Mint
West Fork, AR
Locally made coins! Crafted using solid metals like copper and silver, traditional hand-engraving techniques, and antique machinery.