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One More Chapter / Go to Bed Copper Decision Maker Coin

• Solid Copper - 17 grams
• 1.25" diameter (3.2 cm)

Just one more chapter...

You know it’s already past your bedtime but that sure was a good probably won’t be able to get any sleep until you find out what happens next anyway, right?

Go to bed...

This book is really good, but you know it isn’t going anywhere and you have the willpower to put it down and get a good night’s sleep. The story will be even more satisfying if you don’t rush through. Let yourself savor each chapter. Or you could flip again... Time is a construct!

Coin design by Michael Shantz. Coin Engraving by Woody Maringer.
Shire Post Mint
West Fork, AR
Locally made coins! Crafted using solid metals like copper and silver, traditional hand-engraving techniques, and antique machinery.