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Duplicate of Lily pink Thong - Full Support - Transwomen Lingerie.

Lily Pink Panty Thong

This garment is beautiful, sexy, and comfortable.

Tuck/Gaff Panties - these are panties that generate a little more pressure in the genital area in case you seek to hide your intimate area. They have a wider crotch of 6 to 10 cms wide, with cotton gusset fabric.

Peppermint Lingerie
Rogers, AR
Peppermint Lingerie is a handmade lingerie brand that highlights and promotes the beauty of transgender women with an innovative and non-judgmental design. Our inspiration is the process of rediscovering oneself. We seek to empower transgender women to feel beautiful and find in Peppermint Lingerie a place to be themselves. We offer a quality service according to our values of respect, discretion, and empathy.