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Military Rainbow Posters

Honor the brave and selfless military members in your life with these unique military-themed rainbow posters!

Each military poster is made using the official branch colors, according to public findings of the branding guidelines. Display these posters in your home or give to a loved one as a unique way to say ‘Thank you for your service’.

Available Branches with rainbows include: US Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and US Navy.

FREE PERSONALIZATIONS are also available! If you would like to personalize your rainbow posters with a name, rank, motto, military branch, or anything else, just follow the instructions when you select to have your item customized.


Receiving a personalized rainbow is optional. If you do not select the option to add a personalization, you will receive the original two PDFs for the Marines rainbow. One PDF will be sized for printing on 8.5x11 and one will be sized for printing on 11x17. This way you can enjoy your rainbow in a way that best fits your space. Keep in mind that the 8.5x11 print can be easily trimmed to fit an 8x10 frame.

If you choose to add a personalization, you will still receive the original two PDFs for the branch rainbow you chose, AND you will receive an ADDITIONAL two PDFs for your personalized rainbow for FREE (both sent to you via email). One PDF will be sized for printing on 8.5x11 and one will be sized for printing on 11x17.

When placing an order for customization, please leave a note with the exact phrasing you would like on the poster (up to two lines). Please indicate which phrases are on the first line and which are on the second line. I will make the poster exactly as you write it in your note.
Please also include the email address you'd like all of the posters to be sent to.

Custom orders are completed in the order I receive them, so please allow up to one week to receive your personalized rainbow PDFs. Digital files will be sent to the email you provide at checkout.

You may request anything to be written underneath your rainbow, up to two lines. ALL personalizations will be written in the Oswald font, as it is closely related to the official fonts of most military branches. I will size the font appropriately so that the personalization is centered beneath the rainbow.

*For Personalizations, please refrain from requesting phrases with obscenities or vulgarities. Parallel Lights is a family-friendly business that creates products appropriate for people of all ages.

*The custom samples shown in this product listing are designed with made-up names and ranks for the sole purpose of displaying different personalized options.

*Please note that each monitor/ device displays color differently. What you print at your home may vary slightly from the PDFs you receive.
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