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AstroPop painting

One of my absolute favorite flow paintings! It reminds me of that old school lollipop, the Astro Pop!

What started as a dirty pour and swipe, ended up with this pattern from the pallet knife. This AstroPop flow painting is visually captivating at first, and the more you look into the details the more you love and appreciate its awesomeness. Look at the amazing cells that formed in the up-close photo - wow!

Sophisticated yet fun, this 16"x20" painting would look great in any room in your house, office, apartment,'s sure to bring good energy anywhere you hang it. This painting is the only one of it's kind- it is not mass produced, so you won't find a painting or print like it in big box stores - or anywhere. :)

Please note that the colors may appear slightly different depending on your device/settings.
Petunia June Co
Springdale, AR
An eclectic boutique featuring handmade goods, locally and sustainably sourced. We love transforming natural materials and reinventing objects or optics. Making art and jewelry or recreating pieces has a way of reconnecting me with places I have been and allowing me to dream of new adventures. It frees my mind with intentional focus. (“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” - John Muir) We love to create, build, play, solve, explore, invent, dream, shine, meet people, touch souls, learn new things. Hi, my name is Lindsay, but my grandmother wanted to name me: PETUNIA JUNE! I was always glad my mom didn't name me that, but now I’m so honored to name my store in memory of my amazing grandma, Wilkie. Everything we sell is made by my husband, Jon, and me, or is an upcycle vintage piece, or an occasional unique find, but mostly it is all hand-crafted pieces by the two of us using locally sourced materials. We hope you enjoy!