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Just Peachy

This gorgeous thermal booty is not only tufted but she is also carved so you can really distinguish between the colors. She also has a pink velvet punch needle bikini which is so soft to the touch and her edges are hand sewn. She sits pretty at 23.5 in x 15.5 in (1.9 ft x 1.2 ft)
Eclectic Creations
Springdale, AR
Hello mon ami! ( ・ᴗ・ )/ My name's Alejandra and I'm a textile artist specializing in punch needle and tufted art. Here you will find all of my ~ready to ship~ inventory. (February's Corazon Mio collection) * ੈ✩‧ If you're wanting a custom please fill out the custom order form in the link below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you so much for supporting my dream. * ੈ✩‧