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Candy Necklace Weaving

Well I finally did a thing and attempted a weaving with a heddle bar.

Maybe I warped too tightly, but each row of plain weave was a fight (I mean… I did win… but still). I had to lose the heddle bar about two thirds of the way in because I could no longer do anything with it in the way, lol.

However, it was so fun to learn a new weaving skill with @madeweavelove’s kit. I opted for my own fibers and colors inspired by this fun art yarn @backstoryfibre spoiled me with.

Once the beads had been added, all I could think of was candy necklaces. So that’s her name! Candy Necklace. 🤓

I may attempt the heddle bar again, but it unfortunately slowed me down more than helped me, so if you have tips, I’d love to hear em! I don’t wanna give up on this just yet.
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