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Ceramic Vase

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Ceramic Vase / Flower Vase / Ceramic Decor

This is a handmade ceramic vase that has an orange / pink glossy glaze.
It is hand built and the size measurements are based on the largest part of the vase.

Shipping is included in the price so the price listed is what you'll pay (plus tax)!

Gift wrapping and personalized notes are an option, just send me a message after your purchase and we can get that worked out!

These vases are part of a collection that I created for my wedding this past may. For more information on the collection check out our social media pages.

Find us on instagram at MimosaClay to stay up-to-date on product releases and behind the scenes features.
Mimosa Clay & Co
Bella Vista, AR
🌿Hello friends, I am so glad that you’re here! 🌿I am a creator of pottery, fiber art, and messes 🌿Pretty things with a warm and welcoming aesthetic
Free Shipping
on orders of $35.00+