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Guatemala Beans (12oz) Duplicate

A 12oz bag of pure, guatemalan beans from our farmer friends back home. These beans are not like any other in Northwest Arkansas. Some coffees leave bitter or acid taste, but these beans are the furthest from it. We recommend brewing them in your favorite pour-over. The v60 will give you the purest taste, but we're huge fans of the Chemex, French Press and Aeropress too. Stop in the shop to get a taste and remember the beans are the foundation of any coffee, so you can taste the difference in all our lattes and espresso drinks too. Come in sometime, we'd love to meet you. We're located in the Bentonville Public Library on Main Street.
Cafe 211
Bentonville, AR
Located in the Bentonville Public Library, Cafe 211 gives customers a taste of authentic Guatemalan coffee. The owner, Mauricio Guerro, moved with his family from Guatemala in 2015. Mauricio wholeheartedly believes that coffee is so much more than just a beverage. He believes that it's something that fosters community. Passionate about the NWA community, Mauricio and his coffee are a perfect match for Rejoicy!